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Founder – La Constance Tennis Academy

Dr. Kwame Aniapam Boafo Founder

It is with such great pride that we establish the La Constance Tennis Center in Akropong Akwapim to introduce Tennis to the Kids in the local environ. La Constance, so named, is named after Mena Akua Ansaa, the mother of the founder

In the first of its kind in a village, a Tennis Academy has been established in the town of Akropong in the Akwapim district. The program is to facilitate the teaching of tennis as a means of getting the youth off the streets. The Academy will also establish an Academic Teaching Program to help the kids with their school work and enhance their chances on entering the JSS and SSS system and ultimately to enter the Universities. The Academy plans to offer Scholarship Programs as well for its members entering the JSS and SSS system.

I am so excited about the mission and the prospects of the Academy as I  recount my his childhood days at Akropong and the role Ben’s Table Tennis Club at the time played in my life and that I am grateful to have the opportunity to give something back to the community. I thank my Tennis Partner in the US, Dr. Tavy Popa an Anesthesiologist for his encouragement and the Match Point Tennis Club in Orangeburg, New York for their logistic assistance.

I am equally grateful for the Partnership of the Kwakwaduam Association Inc of New York for their support in establishing this program.

I thank the local Partners who have the responsibility of running the day to day affairs of the Academy particularly Carl Owusu Ansah – The Chairman of the Academy, Junior Brain- the Coach, Offei Issac – the Organizer, Nana Kwasi – the Assistant Coach, Toni Abutiate – the Director of Operations, Nana Akwagyan the Caretaker of the Guest House, Junior – Assistant Organizer and Kwame Boafo the Coordinator and hoped they will live up to the high standard expected of them

The Academy  welcomes SPONSORS to make the dream sustainable and to expand the concept to other towns on the ridge.