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La Constance Tennis Center founder fetes academy kids

Children of the La Constance Tennis Center at Akropong Akwapim last Saturday treated to a lavish Christmas party by their founder.

The children were feted to a gourmet meal and they each received a La Constance Embroiled Drinking Cup.

Dr. Kwame Aniapam Boafo, a gynaecologist at the Albert Einstein Medical School in New York and founder of the centre thanked the kids for their passion for the game.

He motivated them to continue their good performances to keep the program sustainable.

Dr Aniapam Boafo thanked the management team which comprises Isaac Ofei, the Administrator; Glenn Adu Adjei, Coach and Elizabeth Opoku Assistant Caoch for their excellent support.

All stakeholders who have made it possible for the program to survive were also commended.

Dr Aniapam Boafo singled out D. K. Osei, Dr. Lesly Bruce Lyle, Dr David Gboloo, Kwame Adu and Ernestina Opoku for a special mention. The program is supported as well by the Kwakwaduam Association Inc of New York.

La Constance Tennis Program was established with a mission of using Tennis as a medium to inculcate discipline and leadership qualities in the youth of the Akropong and its environ.

The program has done extremely well and participates effectively in National Tennis Programs. 

The about 40 excited children could not help but dance the night away and thanked the organisers for the show of love.